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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Treasure for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up so I have been thinking about what to do for my mother.  Not that she needs anything but it is nice to be remembered, isn't it?  So, I went through my files of free downloads from Quilting Arts and found one called Little Treasures from the ebook "5 small quilting projects."  It is a small fabric box.  At first I thought I would fill it with chocolate kisses but then I found a pattern for chiffon and tulle flowers from the Whipup Newsletter.  Now I think I will fill my little box with a corsage for Mother's Day.

Here is my little treasure for my mother.  The picture is far more yellow than the box is.  What appears almost brown here is a lovely purple in real life.  Both the inside and outside fabrics are my hand dyed fabrics.  Anyway, the box is really easy to make and does look impressive!


  1. That is a wonderful little container that your mother will appreciate. I bought one at an art show last fall and I love it. Mine holds a polished stone with the word "create" engraved.

  2. If you have a digital camera if it has a "Food" setting you may be able to adjust it so it depicts the tones of your fabrics more accurately even when the lighting isn't right. I find it indispensable for my food photos. The box is lovely, by the way.

  3. What a beautiful treasure box. I bet your mother loved it!


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