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Monday, May 17, 2010

New ATCs

Anni agreed to trade ATCs with me but did not like pink or red so I made a new series of 8 cards from the silk I had batiked for my Mermaid in March.  This series I call Seaweed.
 I am not as in love with these as with the ones from my Shanghai Takeout series but I do like them.  One has already found a home and another will be going to Anni this afternoon.

I tried to take a closer picture of one of the ATCs so you could see the dimensionality of it but you still can't tell very well.  The  multicolored swirl on the left is a fabric bead I had made for Dinner in Shanghai and then did not like it on the plate--looked too much like a hair ball.  Here I cut it in half and put it on the card and I love it there.  The bead is silk ravelings, beads, fabric scraps, and tulle with stitches through it enough to make it hold together.  I think this one is my favorite and will go out to Anni.

I also want to show you some of my favorite ATCs that I have received in trades.
 This one is from Deborah Purdy. She has a wonderful tutorial on her blog for making ATCs.  When she traded with me she also included a little molded face like on her ATC and a bunch of gorgeous paper beads.
This one was the first ATC I received.  It is from Kate North and is from her Ocean's 8 series.  Bless Kate from answering all my questions about how to make ATCs.
Isn't he cute!?  The shine at the bottom is because I did not remove him from the plastic cover (shame on me!)  He is an appliqueed Plover from Gina Deen.  She cut him from a handkerchief she found and then stitched around him to give him a little dimension.
 The last one I am going to show is from a group swap that Veronica holds monthly.  The theme for this one was "From the garage."  This is a photo printed fabric with some glitter added to the tire tracks.  It was made by Elizabeth Armstrong.

And now I have found a use for my hand made fabric vessel!


  1. What fun! There will be one coming from yet. Don't know when.

    I loooove your handmade fabric vessel.

  2. I love the seaweed series! Your names are so creative. Great use for your vessel.

  3. Love your ATC's. Thanks for visiting my site and your interest in trading. I just moved, so I am trading at the moment but will keep you in mind when I start up again.


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