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Monday, May 10, 2010

Abby's quilt

Remember the quilt I was making for my granddaughter's 6th birthday?  Here is the picture she drew for me.  Sorry, it seems to be a bit fuzzy but it is striped cat.

And here is the quilt that I made for her.  I named him Mr. (T)Abby Cat.  It is hanging in a somewhat narrow space so I had to take the picture at an angle.  The quilt is a rectangle rather than this odd shape.
The quilt is about 45" by 60" and was made in a very simple two-step process.  I put the top, batting, and bottom together and stitched straight lines along the pattern lines of the back fabric.  Then I machine appliqued the cat on the top.  The cat had been made with a back fabric that doesn't show, batting, and lots of raw edged strips of fabric.  I chose to leave all the edges of the cat raw so that they would ravel when washed (more fur for the kitty).  The strips were sewn into place using all those fancy stitches on my machine that I almost never use and lots of different colors of thread.  I used a polyester batting that I had left over from something else.  I generally prefer cotton batting because it is more drapeable but I thought Abby would prefer the puffiness of the polyester.

As soon as I find a kitty sized box, he will be sent to live with Abby.


  1. That is so darn cute! What a treasure you have created for her.

  2. I love the idea you used putting top, batting and backing together then quilting it and later adding the cat. I hope you don't mind but I am going to use that idea.Being a new quilt person it looks interesting and easier.

  3. I love this one, especially because it is inspired by her own art.


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