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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Are you like me and every time you hear the word "shrinkage" you think of the famous Seinfeld episode?  Okay, this is not that type of shrinkage.  I borrowed a wonderful book (not a clue the name but I'll let your know tomorrow) that shows how to make wonderful art quilts by using wool battting to create distortions in the fabric.  The idea is that the batting shrinks more with little quilting and shrinks less with dense quilting. So, by using both types of quilting then shrinking the batting, you get a distorted (hopefully in an interesting way) art quilt.

I wanted to use this technique in my May art quilt (based on this picture) so the first step was to get a wool batting that would shrink.  That was a bit difficult to find.  Everyone boasts that their wool batting has been designed not to shrink.  Finally I found Cedarview Farms where they promise "minimal shrinkage when washed according to directions."  So, I called them up and asked if I didn't follow directions and actually went out of my way to abuse the wool by washing and drying as hot as possible, what could I expect?  Shrinkage!  Wooooo Hooooo!  I ordered a couple of small batts.

Before tackling my wonderful three shades of pink Shibori hand dyed silk, I tried the method on  a piece of cotton hand dyed fabric.  Here is the result.

Can you tell how exquisite this piece is?  I haven't decided how to finish it off but I definitely will.  I love the texture.  I am very excited and will definitely be using this technique for my May quilt.  For that picture, you will have to wait till my reveal on May 27.


  1. I have the book, just haven't gotten around to trying anything yet. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. WOW! I look forward to seeing what else you do with this technique.

  3. This is really cool looking. Don't you just love the texture you get.

  4. Gorgeous! Wonderful texture.

  5. That is fabulous, and I'm sure it's even better in person. LOVE it!

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