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Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Reveal on Interpret This!

Here is my May Reveal for Interpret This!  For more details about the techniques used I will refer you to the posting at Interpret This!    Here I want to leave the forum open for more of a critique on the piece.

Here are some of my thoughts.
  1. I like the dimensionality of the piece. This is not a flat quilt.
  2. I like the shape.  I was concerned about the diamond type shape but the fact that the piece is not flat softens the shape for me and lets it work.
  3. I love the subtle colors of the silk fabric which were achieved through dyeing repeatedly and then accented with shiva paint sticks.
  4. I like the driftwood hanger but  I am not sure the blue really works on the driftwood.  It is a bit jarring for me.  Perhaps a different color would work better.
I am also really pleased with with my progress through the monthly Interpret This! challenge. Through this deadline my art has become a daily activity.  My growth as a fiber artist has been really  accelerated over what I would do left to my own devices.  You know what I mean, the daily press of life often pushes our dreams and goals to "if-I-have-time-at-the-end-of-the-day" status.  Here are some areas that I think I have grown in.
  1. The direction I am going in my creativity.  I am moving out of my box of quilts as something to keep you warm and into quilts as part of a multi-medium approach to art.
  2. The increase of surface design techniques I can use (sometimes  successfully LOL).  I still have a ways to go to master dyeing and shrinking but I am becoming more competent about what works and does not. 
  3. My seeing the quilt as a complete package--hanger, surface, quilting, embellishment, etc.  The entire presentation is important and needs to be considered.
Feel free to leave me comments, good or ..  uh.....areas to grow in.

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  1. Great piece, it really shows your growth as an artist. I'm sure in person it looks and feels even better.

    I'm in the same boat as you, sometimes the techniques work out, sometimes they're not so good. But learning is more than half of the fun!


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