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Monday, June 21, 2010

Results of my Play Date

Saturday was my long anticipated play date with Beth and Rosalita, a couple of other Maine fabric artists!  We were all excited and a little apprehensive about meeting for the first time.  They wondered what they would do if I was a crazy lady and I wondered if I would end up cut into little pieces and buried in the basement.  I mean,  you never can tell about people you "meet" on-line, can you?  I can't speak for them (since all my children will attest to my craziness) but I had a wonderful day.  WOW are they talented ladies.  If I get to play with them on a regular basis I can really see my art skills expanding!

We did three separate surface design techniques.  One was silkscreening with thermafax images.  I did two silk screens.  This one is from a big and little goddess doodle that Beth made.  I put it on a hand dyed fabric of mine that needed something.  It still needs some swirls but overall it is coming along nicely.

Here is a peek of a print I did on the hand dyed silk I made and will use for my June Concept for IT!  due in just 5 days (EEK!)  Guess what I am doing tonight after work?  The basting pin should give you a hint.

And here is the tree that Beth silkscreened on one of her hand dyed fabrics. 

Rosalita did a silk screen too but I did not take a picture of it (I didn't want to be too big of a pest with the camera) but I did take a picture of her print of a leaf  from her flower garden.  Think like 12" or more large!  Rosalita is not done with it. She has (and loves) the new Smooch paints (or are they inks?) and plans to highlight with them and add some thread play.  I am eager to see this finished.

I fell in love with the silk screen process with thermafax and Beth gave me the contact information about how to get more thermafaxes made so I see this technique being added to my repertoire.

We are getting together again in August and one of our projects that month will be deconstructed silkscreen printing.  What fun!


  1. A fun time and great results!

  2. I want to do Deconstructed Screen Printing, too! Kerr Grabowski is my hero, she's teaching a class at John C. Campbell Folk School here in NC (about 4 hours away) but I just can't afford the tuition/room & board. You're so lucky to have people to work with on these processes!


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