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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hardware Store Challenge

I have a quilt due this Saturday that needs to be finished (like last minute finishes are foreign to me!  LOL).  Dear Husband is doing the cooking, the dishes, and the laundry while I sit on the couch and hand quilt.  Dear Husband is also going to bed alone as I stay up for another hour or so sitting on the couch and hand quilting.  When I go to bed, I dream of the quilt.  Not all of the dreams end up happy.  I then sleepwalk through my work day from lack of sleep and only wake up when I return home to work on the quilt some more.

I am at the stage of the quilt that I think of as scary.  I kinda like the quilt.  It still needs something to make it special.  Will one more thing make it special or ruin the weeks of work I have in it?  Which risk shall I take?

If I am lucky, I will get the quilt finished tonight after work.  Last night I  finished the quilting, applied all the grommets except three more that I have decided the quilt wants, brushed on my silver oil stick, and sewn on the binding and hanging pocket.  Tonight I need to add the three grommets, turn and sew the binding and hanging pocket, then thread and fray the steel cable.

The quilt itself is for my guild challenge --- incorporating something from the hardware store.  I have incorporated a couple of things but they seem so generic that I kinda fear that others may have incorporated the same things.  We'll see on Saturday when we all display our entries.  From there the quilts will be hung in the Maine State Quilt Show.

On Friday, fingers crossed,  I'll give you a preview.


  1. Can't wait to see it. Wishing you speedy fingers and lots of time to rest this weekend.

  2. Mmmm, sounds really interesting- I'll be looking for the preview. Work does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it--


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