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Friday, June 25, 2010

Play Date Results #3 and #4

I am not thrilled with the colors on this one but it is a new technique that I wanted to try again.  The pink base color is a snow dye that I was not too happy with. The yellow and blue are the new dyeing technique that Rosalita showed us.  First you soak the fabric in soda ash water then lay it scrunched up on some plastic or a tub.  Next sprinkle the dry powdery dye onto the fabric.  Then let sit for an hour before rinsing and washing as usual. This method gives a very spotted results as I hope you can see in the close-up.
 If you want a little more movement in the dye,  you can spray the soda ash solution onto the fabric after sprinkling with the dry dye powder. That will cause the dye to run a bit.  Beth did that to hers and got a lovely effect which I did not photograph (bad me!)

Fourth and last experiment we did was to paint with bleeding tissue paper.  First you paint the fabric with a 50/50 solution of paint and water.  Then  you place strips of cut or torn bleeding tissue paper on the wet painted fabric.  Make sure you press down or the tissue paper won't bleed.  Let the fabric/tissue paper dry then take off the tissue paper.   I tried the technique on the organza and loved the color and texture of the piece when dried!   Because the organza was so thin, I laid a piece of white cotton under it for the painting and bleeding process.  It also turned out beautiful!  Without peeling off the tissue paper, I backed the bleeding tissue paper organza with a purple organza for strength and so the fabric would not ravel when cut. 

Well, Beth and Rosalita decided I either was not crazy or at least crazy in the right way because we have another play date scheduled for August!

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