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Friday, June 11, 2010


I might still do some tweaking of the metal cable.  I am not sold on the placement yet but the rest of it is done.  I called it Washed because it started out with metal washers sewn onto the fabric (some old pants of my husband's) by embroidery floss using the buttonhole stitch. 

I then progressed to making "washer" with silver metallic thread and embroidery floss again using the buttonhole stitch.  

And there are a few "washers" made from silver Shiva oil sticks.  The last type of "washers" are the two sizes of grommets that let you see through the fabric to the other side.

The metal cable is supposed to represent the sewing of the quilt layers together as it weaves in and out of the "washer" grommets. The ends are frayed because they have been "washed."  Tee Hee


  1. Great work, love the ideas you came up with. Your hand stitching is beautiful,and I love the cables/grommets!

  2. WOW great! even tho you incorporated some pretty hard stuff into it, it still has a soft look to it. Really cool piece!

  3. I love it! I was wondering what you were going to use.

  4. Wow, your hand stitching is exquisite, and I love what you've done with the hardware materials. Nice job!!


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