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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dye Jar explanation

I have had a couple of questions about jar dyeing.  Like, what is it.  Well, actually the more correct term is parfait dyeing but since I do mine in a jar I called it jar dyeing.  And I am following Judi's example on Approachable Art.  When I do it in a vase perhaps I should call it vase dyeing. Anyway, I am new to the technique and still working to master it so I am not going to give you a tutorial.  I will be happy to connect you to the excellent blogs that have inspired me.

Elizabeth at Enchanted Art has a simple explanation and several examples. Gisela at Art ADD works for me also has some great result pictures. But my favorite is Judi's Approachable Art blog.  Judi does LOTS of dyeing and is great with explanations.  If you want to know more about jar dyeing (AKA parfait dyeing)  I can give you  no better recommendation than to check out her blog and go through her old blogs on dyeing fabric.  You can even show Judi your disastrous attempts and she will come back with a word of encouragement.  (I am just guessing...LOL)  A very generous artist.

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