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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday!  My week has been full of work on my Interpret This!  art quilt.  You have to wait till Monday to see it but I am liking it a lot!

Here is my list of blogs that I learned great stuff from during this week:

This is perhaps the best explanation/instructions I have seen for how to put a facing on a quilt rather than a more typical binding.

Chris at Dye Candy is starting a new blog specifically for art quilts.  I will let you read her description of the site but it sounds like a good site if you want to connect with other art quilt artists or those who want to buy art quilts.

Ever try to take a picture of your quilt so that it looks as gorgeous as it really is?  And how did that turn out for you?  Mine always is wonky.  Here are some instructions for how to straighten the perspective problems using Photoshop Elements.

Quilter Beth had a wonderful day of screen printing using freezer paper, glue stick resist, and  thermafax. She had problems with the thermafax screen because they did not frame it.  I agree.  Little thermafax screens seem to do well with just duct tape edges but the larger screens need more stability.  I got to burn some screens last Saturday with my SAQA group.  Here are my pictures of my feather screen print.   I know they are really hard to see--the colors of the paint are close to the color of the dye.  What was I thinking?


  1. I always look forward to your "Friday Favorites." I have found some blogs that I now follow, and I've learned a lot by following the links you supply. Thanks for finding and sharing this info. I was pleasantly surprised today that my blog was included. Thanks so much.

  2. Okay, now I know I'm way too far behind on my blog reading. What a nice surprise to see that you mentioned The Art Quilt Blog. I hope you will come and play.


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