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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Favorites

Seems like everything this week has come in twos.

Cheryl at Fiber Art and Quilting has two posts that I enjoyed this week.  One is about a new product called Scratch-a-Print and the second is about multi-part printing or faux silkscreening.  The Scratch-A Print and Scratch-Art Mask-Ease are both products made by the same company and are for the silkscreen.  The descriptions of both make them sound really easy--kinda in the fail-safe zone. The prices were low enough at Dick Blick that I went ahead and ordered one of each for myself.  I will let you know how it works for me.  The second posting refers you to an article in Cloth Paper Scissors but Cheryl assures us that the process worked for her on fabric rather than on paper (a GREAT assurance!) and shows us the proof.  In general, Cheryl has a "technique of the week" and is really worth a read.

Debra at Debra's Design Studio sent me over to Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber to see a crumb quilt.  Vicki doesn't explain what a crumb quilt is but the quilt she shows makes it clear that a crumb quilt is really just a scrap quilt.  If that is the case, crumb quilts are one of my favorite ways to quilt.  I love taking little pieces of fabric that are too small to make anything with and sewing them all together to make a quilt top.  Something from nothing!  That surely satisfies my thrifty inner driver.  Nice quilt, Vicki!

Kim at Kim's Hot Textiles had two posts that really got me inspired.  The first is all  about her work named "Capstones."  It starts from the inspiration to the techniques and goes to the finished works. A great read on great work.  The second post that caught my attention had NINE pictures of tortured Lutrador plus a few other fabrics. The results are stunning!  Oh, MY!  I want to see some of my work look like that!  I have some Lutrador at home that I haven't done anything with yet. This weekend is the time.  If you need some more ideas of what to do with Lutrador here is another link to some Lutrador projects.

My last double goody this week is a new DVD that I received on Tuesday and watched Wednesday after work.  Two fabulous artists, Jane Dunnewold and Lisa Kerpoe, produced "Vibrant Color: Combining Soy Wax and Dye for Brilliant Results."  It is 90 minute long and has three ways to use soy wax with dye.  First is crayons and you will need to use Jane's priority soy wax to achieve the right consistency to make the crayons.  WOW!  I love this but probably won't make the crayons.  So many techniques to try and so little time.  Second is how to make the soy wax and dye into a paste that can be used for stenciling. I was not excited by this technique but then stenciling in general is not my thing. Third is using the soy wax and dye as hot wax with dipping, stamping, and using typical batik type methods.  Now this one I will be trying this weekend!  The stamped, dipped, etc fabric needs to be steamed--a method I have not done yet--but Jane and Lisa carefully take you through the steps.   I feel very clear about how to do it successfully.  I will show you some finished fabric using this technique on Monday.

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  1. Thanks so much for the appreciation of my blog! I hope you post your attempts at using the techniques too. Thanks again!!!


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