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Monday, September 13, 2010

Some of my dyeing from the weekend

Okay, I did not get everything done over the weekend that I had on my list.  But I am really, really happy with the stuff I did get done!  The rest is moved to my list for my next free weekend.

The IT quilt is coming right along. (Can't show you) 

My ATC cards for my trade are started and looking good. (Won't show you till they are done)

The vase for parfait dyeing was much bigger than expected and I dyed most every piece of white fabric I could find at home.  I think it ended up being about 4 yards.

Here it is filled with all that fabric and, in order from bottom to top, antique gold, deep orange, raspberry, chartruese, ceralean blue, and deep purple dye.

And here are all the results!  Some are wonderful and some are ready for an overdye next free weekend.


  1. I think those are yummy parfaits, you make me want to get back in my dye room!

  2. Girl - you had quite the To-Do list this weekend!! So glad that you showed us the dyed fabric - beautiful!! You have created your very own batiks! I love it!!
    Hugs from West Texas :)

  3. These are great fabrics! I'm going to have to read up on "parfait dyeing." You don't have a tutorial anywhere do you?


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