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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rocks for my Mom

The visit with my Mom went very well.  I did conserve my energy and hired someone else to clean the kitchen and bathroom while I tackled the clutter in my front room/studio.  Her memory is failing but her eyes were sharp enough to see the pins and needles on my floor that I missed.  Believe me, she could have seen worse.

She has given me some of the rocks she has smoothed in her lapidary  to incorporate onto quilts.  Here is the picture of one that I have finished.  It has the rocks secured with floss and the edges of the small quilt have overcast chenille yarn sewn on for the binding.
The second quilt is not finished but here are the wire wrapped  rocks ready to be sewn on a quilt. When she comes back through on her way home from  Newfoundland, I will present to her the two finished companion wall hangings.

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