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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorites

This has been a hard week.  Not much creative happening in my brain.
1.  I had to admit that my IT piece was less than successful.  I do have hopes that it is salvageable but I need some time before moving forward on it. 
2.  I work at a University and Monday was our first day for the Fall semester.  I've been working long hours for a couple of weeks and have a couple more weeks of it while students gets settled in.
3.  My mother is coming this weekend.  I am looking forward to her visit but a summer of ignoring house cleaning is biting me in the behind.  Now I get to drag that tired behind home from work and clean, clean, clean. 

Not a lot creative is going on but at least I get to admire those who are getting to do fun things!

Bea at Dog in the Hole Studio has a book review of FABRIC EMBELLISHING The Basics and Beyond.  I've told you before how much I LOVE getting a preview before spending my money.  This one sounds like it will make it to my wish list.  And I quote her "I like this one because it's actually set up so that you can  try all the techniques and make a sample that will fit in a book that you make.  I like that."  She also has a great post on flour paste resist.  I especially love that post given my failure with the technique on my challenge quilt.  Hers are what I had hoped mine would look like.

Have I told you about Kate North's Stay at Home Robin?  I love the concept!  It is a Round Robin for those of us who are control freaks, at least about our art work.   And, even better, the instructions are very open so almost anything goes!  It is not too late to join.   They  are only on step 3 so it would be easy to catch up.  After my mother leaves on Monday (a holiday for me) I will get started on my SAH Robin.   In my cleaning I have collected a trash bag full of fabric scraps.  I am going to use them for the SAH Robin.  First I am going to dye them all using the same shade of blue.  Of course, they are not all 100% cotton and already have a color and a pattern.  The over-dyeing should give them cohesion but not make them identical.  I will have something to post by next Friday!

Gloria Hansen has a wonderful post on how she turns pictures into art using Photoshop.  She not only takes you through the steps she uses but tells you how she saves the different steps for future inspiration.  For people like me where the creative process is more natural than the organization process, those tips were priceless.  At the end of the post she states that she has started thinking about teaching her Photoshop skills in an online class.  You might let her know if you are interested.

Last, but certainly not least, SALES on dye and fabric paint supplies!  You might want to check your supplies, re-read Elizabeth Barton's blog on the basic colors to use to mix everything else, then check these sales out.
**  8th Annual Summer Sizzler Warehouse Sale, here at C&T Publishing on September 11/12
** Artist and Craftmens  September sales
**Dharma Trading  September Silk Paint and Silk Dye Sale 

I think I will end with Bea's mantra -- Now go and create!  Let me know how it turns out.

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  1. Thanks for those links Judith. Very interesting. Have fun with your mom. I wish my mom could come but she's way WAY far away if you know what I mean. Hire somebody to do your housework. Save your energy.


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