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Monday, August 2, 2010

Two more destined for Mile of Art

 Rocks on the Beach
(same beach as the feathers)
This was my first experiment of wire wrapping rocks with instructions from the website listed in Friday Favorites.  I need to get better but I like the effect!  If you are wondering, the edging is a really cool very thin copper wire ribbon.  I wish I had bought more of it!  I still need to design a copper hanger for the piece.

Sunny Day
(Here is was before I added some finishing touches)
My local Walmart had a bag of odds and ends of silk flowers--you know, the ones that had come detached from the sprays of flowers.  The whole bag only cost $1.00.  My kind of bargain.  This is my first incorporation of some of the flowers into a quilted piece.


  1. How heavy is the rock piece? I'm curious to see what you'll come up with to hang it, I imagine it's a little heavier than a "normal" quilted hanging. It's really simple, and really cute, I'm sure someone will want to buy it.

  2. Another question, this time about the Sunny Day piece--did you quilt it with metallic threads? The pink, green & yellow threads all give off a shimmer, very nice!

  3. Both pieces are so unique! I love the idea of wrapping and attaching the rocks.


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