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Monday, August 9, 2010

Playdate #2 Pounded metal and CitraSolv

Saturday was the second play date for Rosalita, Beth, and me.  We started out with Beth teaching us some of her jewelry making skills.  She loaned me her little anvil so I could pound on metal. 

Here is a large bead that I have captured with the techniques I learned from Beth and the video I featured a couple of Friday's ago.  It certainly is not done well enough for a piece of jewelry but I think it will look great on a quilt (not as blurry in person).
Beth also showed us how to transfer pictures to fabric using CitraSolv and told us her local connection for where to buy it--Belfast Coop.  Wooo Hooo!  I had wanted to try it but hadn't found the product locally yet.  This is a picture of trees I took, copied, and rubbed with CitraSolv onto hand dyed sea mist green fabric.

Here are Beth's instructions.
1.  Copy the desired picture using a carbon-based copier.
2.  Place the copied picture face down on a piece of fabric and hold tightly in place.
3.  Wet the back of the picture with CitraSolv using a cotton ball or somethig similar.
4.  Rub the back with a spoon or something similar.
5.  Lift up an edge to see if the picture transfered evenly or if you need to rub some more.
6.  Lift up picture when you are satisfied with the transfer.
7.  Let air dry then iron to set.
8.  The same picture can be used multiple time for increasingly lighter shadows.
9.  A note from my experience--don't use the Citrasolv on top of a plastic tablecloth (Tablecloth will melt)
Next couple of blogs will have the process and results for our deconstructed silk screen and gelatin monoprint.

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