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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Favorites

Before I tell you about my inspirations for this week, let me talk about my experiment from last week's favorite.  I tried rusting some hinges--well, material using the hinges. I put the hinges in a large plastic bag in my broiler pan.  I laid the material folded in four over the hinges.  Then I poured a mixture of water/vinegar over the material and sprinkled some salt on the material over the hinges. Then I zipped it up to keep it wet and waited for 24 hours.
Here is the results-all 4 layers.  The black is from where the wet material is laid over the pan.  Not quite what I wanted but interesting enough to use.  I think I might dye the white background before quilting.  What do you think of a pale turquoise?

Okay, for this week's inspiration. 

Sarah Ann Smith, author of Thread Work Unraveled, shares some of the hints she gives in her class in Arizona.  This post instructs you to knot and bury your threads.  If you search her blog you will find a lovely tutorial for how to do that using a couple of easy methods.

Elizabeth Barton is one of my favorite artists.  I like her style alot!  In this blog she shares her inspiration for a quilt and the design steps and thoughts she went through as she edited her design.  That  type of stuff (what I should be thinking about as I am designing) is so much what I need to learn as I grow!  It was nice of Elizabeth to share.

Quilter Beth tried two different recipes for a flour paste resist and shows us her results. I have yet to try it but I love the piece she did where she wrote in the resist. I defintely want to try that and will use the heavier paste that Beth recommends.

Sujata Shah at The Roots Connection has pieced a wonderful free pieced quilt and tells you how to sew wonky blocks together without resorting to a straight ruler and 90 degree corners.  I love the Gee-Bend feel of this type of quilt!

Pat Bishop tells us the recipe she used to dye the lucious damask linens.  She makes it sound so easy. That is my type of dyeing!  I don't call myself the accidental dyer for nothing.  Tee Hee

After bribing Riley, Bea's grand daughter from The Dog in the Hole Studio, I magically won "Art Cloth" that Bea gave away to celebrate her 1,000th blog.  It arrived today looking like this.  Doesn't that look like a celebration?

Already I am inspired!  I followed the recipe on page 54 and made a gallon of dye print paste and a cup of soda ash fixative.  Boy, am I ready for my silkscreen printing date with Bea and Rosalita on Saturday!


  1. Your fabric with rusted hinges is so wonderful, but it's difficult to cut it into pieces I think I'm still looking at the piece I made recently. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I really like your hinge pieces. I have some "rusted" fabric.; i haven't used it yet. I'm anxious to see what you do with yours. I'm hoping I'll be inspired to use mine!

    I really have enjoyed checking out the "Friday Favorites" and am thrilled to be on the list! Enjoy the flour paste--now that is really fun. Let me know if the "heavier" paste works for you. It was a bit harder to spread and dried faster (meaning I had to work a bit faster), but I liked the results much better.


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