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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Play date #2: parfait dye and deconstructed silk screen print

I didn't want to print all my deconstructed silk screen onto white fabric so I parfait (jar) dyed some pieces with various shades of pink and purple before printing them.  The purple is hardly noticeable but the pink is definitely loud and proud.  Here are some results with the deconstructed silk screen print on top.

Next post I will show you the results from the gelatin monoprints I made.  The ones I made on the organza are my favorite.


  1. The middle picture looks like a flower garden already, with some quilting you could make some wonderful flower shapes & leaves & stems. You sure do love your pink, don't you? What color dye is the pink that you use? I'm gonna have to get me some.

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  3. i want to know how you did the flowers at the head of you page!!!! are they painted colored and how also could this be washed as in a quilt top
    mabel may 28 2013


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