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Friday, August 27, 2010

One Friday Favorite

One.  Only one favorite this week.  And that is because it was posted last Friday! I am sure there were tons more wonderful posts out there this week that I would have loved if I had had time to visit the sites.  But I work at a University and next Monday is the first day of the Fall semester.  This week work has been early days and late nights.  By the time I get home, I just veg in front of the TV till I have enough energy to go to bed.  LOL

Anyway, I always appreciate reading Judi Hurwitt's Approachable Art blog and in this post we got a two-fer (is that how you spell it when you get 2 for the price of 1?).  First she talks about her experiments with Citra-Solv Concentrate and a new paper product called Sheer Heaven.  Now, I warn you, this is all paper collage and not fabric.  In fact she tried the transfer technique on fabric and called it a complete faillure.  But I found the technique interesting and, like Judi, thinks it calls for more experimenting on fabric. 

Here is a picture of some hand dyed fabric with some Citra-Solv transfers of leaf skeletons I made.  I think my next step will be to print colored leafs on organza that I will place over it.  I am hoping for a bit of a shadow effect.

The second half of her post shows off some silk she has dyed.  It is yummy!  I haven't had time to do much in the way of dyeing but I did finally receive some used sari silks I had ordered over E-bay.  Here are some pictures.  I am not sure that I will do with it yet, but my brain is working on it.  I am open to suggestions!

I also have some pictures to show you where I have tried some of Wen Redmond's techniques for turning photos into images ready for thermofax silkscreen (one of last Friday's Favorites).  I will have to clean the image up quite a bit.  From Wen's comments I think they are too busy to make good silkscreen prints.

 Here is the photo

And here are two different photoshopped black and white images.


  1. All very cool. Love those black and white images. I'm still playing with flour paste resist and having a blast. I want to do more so I have a number of pieces to play with, this winter. :)Bea

  2. I work at a university too, and our classes started Mon. the 23rd. So it's been a very long, unproductive week (or two) for me. I totally understand how you feel! Love your silk pieces--bet the bright pink one is your favorite. Those B&W images are fantastic. It's still so hot here, all week they said it would only be 82 Saturday, and I was anticipating some projects, but today I heard it will be in the 90s again. Too hot to do much in my studio (garage), wish it would start cooling down a bit.


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