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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Favorites

I know that I have told you before how much I enjoy both Elizabeth Barton’s work and her blog.  Have you read her blog on First Paper and Then Fabric?  Once again she tells us some of her process in designing.

After years of frustratingly trying to make everything perfect as a quilter, I am learning to allow personality into a quilt by allowing it some imperfection. That said, it is hard to know the line between wonky and sloppy and it is hard to accept the criticism of others who think you crossed that line.  Lynn Krawczyk writes a bit about accepting imperfection in her work.  Not a long read and it certainly connected to my creative spirit.

Micky at It’s a Fiber Life started a new series she calls Revisits.  Talk about using odds and ends to turn into wonderful art.  I think it is an outstanding example of not letting perfection stifle your creativity.
LuAnn Kessi at May your Bobbin always be full (isn’t that a wonderful blessing!) gives a very nice tutorial on how to machine appliqué.  If you check out her blog, you will notice 57 tips that mostly turn out to be wonderful tutorials.  She does a great job on tutorials!
Gloria Hansen has a post from a couple of weeks ago that I am just now seeing.  It is called digital flowers.  The blog shows a picture she took of a flower and then how she played with it in Photoshop.  The blog caught my attention to two reasons.  One, I need to play more with my Photoshop Elements so that I can command it better.  Second, I thought as I looked at each of her manipulated photos that I would use different techniques with each picture to try and convert that photo to a textile art work.  In my art I am starting to understand better what techniques will give me what kind of results.  Knowing that is an important step in the design process.  It also saves tons of frustration during the construction when the technique won’t create the vision you have in your head.
Last is the new show at the New England Quilt Museum called No Holds Barred.  It is for art quilters in New England who are members of SAQA.  I am and I am.  It will be a juried show at the NEQM from January to April.  Entries have to be submitted by Nov 1.  I am going to enter. This will be my first juried show.  I have already talked to a professional photographer about taking the digital pictures I need to enter.  I will finish the Center of the Universe quilt to enter. So, no more picture of it.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck in entering your SAQA show! I recently joined the PAQA South group and am planning to enter a show they have in March. It's a scary thing to do but...


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