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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friday Favorites

This is the last Friday to work on my Center of the Universe quilt if I am going to submit it to the SAQA show.  I need to write an artist statement to go with my submission.  I don't wanna... *** please hear that in your child's worse whiny voice***  I have been looking up instructions on how to write an artist statement.   I mean if I have to write one then I would prefer to have it make some type of sense.  I reviewed several sites for help and this one seemed to give the KISS instructions that I need.

As I have been looking for fiber artists that use hand stitching to create their art pieces I came across this one at Embroidery as Art.   Isn't this picture gorgeous!  Now this is the type of embroidery that I particularly like.  It is handwork but not just in-your-face (pun intended) embroidery but handwork with a larger message.  First you see the message and then you see the technique used.

And remember me telling you about The Art Quilt Blog?  Well Margeeth from the Netherlands introduced herself this week.  I have fallen deeply in love with the first quilt that she shows!  I too love scrap quilts and when there is an intersection between quilts that are large enough to be function-able, scraps, and art, then I am in hog heaven!

Please stop by Wen Redmond's blog (otherwise known as the Fiber Art Goddess) and congratulate her on have a piece accepted into the Quilt National and having the piece purchased by Marvin Fletcher, husband of the former Quilt National Director.

Gisela at Art ADD Works for Me is trying a new technique and I really want to see the results.  She is coating a fish with latex.  If it works out, I will be buying myself a fish for printing.

Laura at Periwinkle Art Quilts is taking a class on Darned quilts.  Check out the one she is working on. Isn't it exciting!  I love the movement in the piece!  Laura has agreed to join me and some other fabric artists in a new challenge blog for 2011 that features lots of different surface design techniques.  I will tell you more later when we've picked out a name for the blog.


  1. Thanks for visiting me at my blog. I see you are doing lots of interesting work. The artist statement thing can be daunting, I know, but I have always found it best to stick to the facts, rather than using the dreaded "artspeak". People want to know what inspired you and what your process was. You might even look back at your blog and find that your artist statement is already written!

  2. Hi Judith, thanks for putting me on your Friday Favorites! But I have to ask--isn't it just Wednesday?

  3. I found another website for coming up with an artist statement, and thought of you. Not sure if it will help, but check it out if you still need input:



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