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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodwill Find

 Isn't she a beauty?  I found her for $7.99 in the Goodwill Halloween rack. 

And what do you think about the bow in the front about crotch level and just above the high slit opening?  
Is there a secret message there?

And a close up of all her glory.  I should be able to salvage beads and sequins and pearls off of her forever! 


  1. Maybe the creator thought the bow area symbolized a gift to be opened?
    Anyway you scored big!!!

  2. I wonder if the sequins and beads would take dye... interesting to find out.

  3. Oh, don't you love it when you find something like that? What were they thinking with that bow. lol Very cool. :)Bea


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