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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Favorites

I have a couple of little projects I want to share but I can't find my camera.  Cross your fingers that I can find it soon.  I am still working hard on my entry for the SAQA show at the NEQM (enough initials for ya?) but I did relax with some blog surfing this week.  I found some things that made my heart feel good.

This one is a 2fer containing some comments about thermofax and then going on to Lynn Krawczyk's Fabric Making Freedom Song.  The Freedom Song contains the top ten reasons why Lynn prefers handprinted fabric to commercially printed fabric.  All I can say is OH YES!

Once I identified that my fiber art voice contained hand worked threads, I have been having dreams of flying.  That to me represents great joy and freedom that I feel in my discovery.  A confirmation!  So now I have been looking for fiber blogs that have handwork associated with them.  I was really surprised to find how many of the blogs I already follow are in that category. (That was kind of a DUH moment)  Here is a new one that I have found and have started following posted by Sarah Whittle.  Not that I am new to embroidery but I can always learn something new!

JaneVille sent me over to Lyric Kinard for a tutorial on beaded fringe.  While I was there, I saw a button for tutorials.  Lyric has more tutorials.  I love tutorials!  Everyone does a technique a bit differently and when I read or see different tutorials on the same technique,  it helps me understand the technique better.  You know, what it will do under this circumstance and that.  THAT helps me determine how I want to use the technique in MY work. Anyway, according to Beth from Sew Sew Art, Lyric makes the best thermofax screens, if you are interested in ordering any.

One more happy blog before I go back to sewing. LuAnn at May Your Bobbin Always Be Full gives some great details on her flour paste resist experiments.  I won't remind you of my disaster the one time I tried it.  I do want to try it again.  I am sure the failure was simply my stress and technique. Anyway, take a look at LuAnn's technique if you are interested.


  1. If you think you may be into hand stitching, you should see Sharon Boggon's blog...http://www.pintangle.com (she also has on line stitching classes over at www.joggles.com) Her work is beautiful!

  2. I can second Sharon Boggins and add Betty Pillsbury -- fantastic embroidery and crazy quilting. And thank you so much for mentioning Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles and Lynn Krawczyk. I'm always pleased to know someone is enjoying the work of all of these creative geniuses! -- Dawn


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