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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A way to quilt and serve at the same time

I have been feeling troubled lately.  I used to cook monthly at the community kitchen and lead local Linus Project sewing days or crochet 100s of mittens for Head Start. Lately all I do is work on my art quilting skills.  Is that selfish?  I am excited that my skills are improving and I am becoming more comfortable at considering myself an artist but no one is being clothed or fed by my efforts.  Since many of the things I am making these days are for the wall, no one is especially warmed by my efforts either. So, am I being selfish?  I have been pondering that and wondering if I need to change direction.

But, AHA, a new opportunity has come forward.  Some artists in the community are putting together an Art Against Hunger show. All work needs to be related to hunger and the proceeds will go to the local community pantry.  I am excited.  I can use my new skills to entice people to buy my art and thereby donate to the community pantry that will feed people.  I can create art and still serve others!  My heart is happy.


  1. This is good Judith. But don't be so hard on yourself...there are only so many hours in the day--Art is Long and Time is Fleeting.

  2. Why do women have to feel guilty about spending time doing something THEY want to do? You should enjoy creating and not worry about it!


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