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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Metallic Class

There is so much I am making right now that I can't show you that but I can show off this one little (9 1/2 by 12") wall hanging.  I think it needs one more little organza square up towards the top right corner. Right now it feels a bit bottom heavy to me.  If it does not sell this weekend then I will add that missing square.

I have been reading one of the free e-books from Interweave on framing small art quilts.  One of the authors told a story about her husband.  He exclaimed how much like art her little quilt looked when framed. She, of course, was incensed thinking, "So what have they looked like to you before now?"  I was thinking of that while making this little one.  Would someone think it was a placemat?  I put beaded fringe on the bottom just to dispel that thought.

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  1. The beads at the bottom make it look fabulous! Are you really taking a "Metallic" class?


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